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For specific colour shades we emphasize on our website under the colour chart guide on-line that should you require very particular colours/shades that you send in a sample of your colour to be matched with your order.  This service is free and avoids disappointment in most cases.


Our on-line colour chart is a guide only which can vary from computer to computer depending on screen quality. If you sent a swatch and you feel it has not been matched please also follow instructions as below.


As your order was a custom/made to order item it does not normally qualify for a refund or return unless actually faulty which in this case they are not - or the candles are a different colour from what was ordered, if you feel this is your case then please send ONE single unit from the batch only of the incorrect colour candle to be examined in our workshops.  If we agree the colour is incorrect by more than one shade or does not match your swatch we will replace the order for you.   Please where possible do not send glass holders with returned candles (only the candle). Please make sure you send your candle/s with a completed return form detailing the full problem with them and include all your order details. 


Important Before returning your candles please note the following information (also supplied at time of placing your order and noted on our website:- 


1) Paler colours which are scented are sometimes affected by the scent and may be dis-coloured slightly depending on the scent used but we will try to get as close to the colour chosen as possible for you.


2) Swatch matching will be done as close as possible, if your swatch was iridescent, pearlised or multi toned etc we will match to the predominant colour in it only. 


3) Candles left in the light can be affected by UVA, we advise that candles are kept in a cool dark place until ready to use to maintain colour quality.


4) If you are comparing your candle to a previous order already received and your new order is a different shade in colour then please note that UVA light, environmental changes can and do change your candles over time if candles being the nature of wax, therefore the new batch might well be different but will change also over time.


4) Please remove your candle if its in a glass holder then compare it to your chosen colour swatch, sometimes light reflecting through glass can make colours appear different.



In the meantime options available to you to change your order are:


A) Order refills/replacements in the exact shades you need by sending a new order together with a Swatch/sample of your colour/s so it can be matched more accurately for you.  


b) If refills are not available for your product then you will need to make a new order and send it in with swatches/samples of the colours you

require to be matched more accurately for you.


c) Return ONE only of each of the candles you feel are the wrong colour to us with your completed return form (where possible do not send holders.



Once again we are sorry you are disappointed with the order but we have put this policy in place due to the many different ideas people have of colours and their perception of colours which often vary wildly from person to person and is the reason we offer our "Unique" colour matching service free of charge.