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We use only the best quality pure essential oils in our Gillen range of candles

Many scents are just as described in the name.  Below you will find a brief description of scents we cover to help you choose.  If you do not see a scent from our huge range you like, then email us it is likley we can make any scent combination you like. Some scents are our own special blends.




Scent Description Class
Acacia Yellow flower of the acacia tree, scent of spring and summer Flora & Fauna
Almond Almond extract, nutty aroma Food & Drink
Aloe Popular scent for men; light floral Flora & Fauna
Alyssum Like fresh mown hay with an light floral under note Flora & Fauna
Amaretto Almond extract, nutty aroma, with sweet undertones Food & Drink
Amaretto Nog Almond extract,nutty aroma with cherry scent Food & Drink
Amber Masculine Scent, soothing perfume scent Special
Ambergris Perfume with a sensual scent Special
Amberwood Popular scent for men; musky woody scent Special
Ambrosia Mixed fruit scent with coconut Food & Drink
Angel Oriental woody fragrance with vanilla, sandalwood, patchouli, citrus fruit Special
Angel Cake Freshly baked cake sweet & light Food & Drink
Anise Licorice scent Food & Drink
Anise Cookie Licorice Sent with Cinnamon, clove and rose hips Food & Drink
Anti Tabacco Special blend to help eliminate tobacco odours from the air Special
Apple Cider  mixed apples fermented with gentle mix of spice  Food & Drink
Apple  Sweet Crispy Apples Food & Drink
Apple Blossom Apple orchard in full bloom Flora & Fauna
Apple Pear Crispy Apples with Pear Blend Food & Drink
Apple Pie Apples with brown sugar, hint of cinnamon and freshly baked pie crust Food & Drink
Apples & Oak Sweet Crispy Apples with woody undertow Special
Apricot Fresh Apricots Food & Drink
Arabian Nights Heady musky smell with mix of exotic flowers and spice Special
Aromamist Special blend light, green fresh scent Special
Autumn Leaves Dried Crisp Leaves of Autumn  Special
Avocado Avocado Pear Food & Drink
Azalea Heavenly Scent of Azalea in Bloom early spring Flora & Fauna
Baby Powder Fresh clean soft powdery Scent Special
Balsam Fir Fresh cut Pine Tree, natural pine scent Flora & Fauna
Banana Bananas Food & Drink
Banana Nut Bread Mashed Bananas, cinnamon, nuts and nutmeg Food & Drink
Basil Fragrant Basil Herb freshly cut Flora & Fauna
Bayberry Fruity, spicy, woody combination scent Flora & Fauna
Bergamont Sweet citrus fragrance Flora & Fauna
Black Cherry Freshly squeezed black cherries Food & Drink
Black Currant Crushed fresh blackcurrants Food & Drink
Blackberry Crushed wild blackberries Food & Drink
Bluebell Heavenly Scent of forest bluebells in full bloom Flora & Fauna
Blueberry Pie Sweet cooked blueberries with buttery pie crust scent Food & Drink
Bluebonnet Soft floral scent with a hint of green herb Flora & Fauna
Brandy Butter Rich dark brandy with butter notes Food & Drink
Bread Freshly Baked Bread Food & Drink
Brown Sugar Bubbling Brown Caramelized Sugar Food & Drink
Brownie Rich buttery scent of freshly baked brownie with chocolate & vanilla Food & Drink
Bubble Gum Just like pink bubble gum  Food & Drink
Butter Melted butter aroma Food & Drink
Butter Cream Whipped butter with sugar  Food & Drink
Butterscotch Buttery rich scent with sweet brown sugar cooking Food & Drink
Candy Cane Sugary with a hint of mint Food & Drink
Cannabis Ground leaves  Flora & Fauna
Cappuccino Coffee with a hint of chocolate Food & Drink
Caramel Apple Brown sugar, butter,, and apples  Food & Drink
Carnation Heavenly powerful smell of freshly cut red, white & pink carnations Flora & Fauna
Carribean Splash Exotic mix of tropical fruit  Food & Drink
Carrot Cake Carrot seeds, with vanilla, cinnamon, butter and a fresh cake baked aroma Food & Drink
Cedar The cedar bark tree, spicy woody scent, (moths hate it) Flora & Fauna
Chamomile just like chamomile tea, mild and green Flora & Fauna
Cherry Mixed crushed cherry's Food & Drink
Cherry Blossom Cherry Tree orchard in full bloom Flora & Fauna
Cherry Pie Rich buttery pastry scent with punchy cherry filling Food & Drink
Chocolate Rich mouthwatering melted chocolate smell Food & Drink
Chocolate Chip Cookie Buttery baked smell with hint of chocolate Food & Drink
Christmas Carols Mixed scent evoking winter, hint of mint, with pine tree and Bergamont Special
Christmas Eve Warm homely scent with, cloves, cinnamon, cherry, and hint of vanilla Special
Christmas Morning Fresh baked bread, with cinnamon, cranberry and hint of vanilla Special
Christmas Tree Freshly cut pine trees Special
Chrysanthemum Freshly cut chrysanthemum flowers Flora & Fauna
Cinnamon  Freshly ground cinnamon sticks Food & Drink
Cinnamon & Orange Orange and Cinnamon infusion Food & Drink
Cinnamon Apple Cooked apples with brown super and cinnamon Food & Drink
Cinnamon Toast Freshly ground cinnamon sticks, with brown sugar and bread Food & Drink
Citronella Heavy scent from the ground bark of the citronella tree, helps keeps insects away Flora & Fauna
Citrus Lovely mix of lemons, oranges and lime Food & Drink
Citrus & Sage Mis ov lemons, oranges, and lime with a hint of sage herb Food & Drink
Clove Ground cloves Flora & Fauna
Clover Sweet green scent, clean and fresh Flora & Fauna
Coca Butter Sweet cream of butter with hint of coconut Food & Drink
Coconut Sweet smell of freshly crushed coconuts Food & Drink
Coconut Lime Sweet coconut with hint of lime Food & Drink
Coffee Rich dark aroma of freshly ground coffee Food & Drink
Cool River Light airy fragrance with hint of herbs, green leaves , and mint Special
Cotton Candy Spun sugar and vanilla with sweet strawberries Food & Drink
Country Meadow Light berry mix with floral green scent Flora & Fauna
Cranberry Bowl of fresh crushed cranberries Food & Drink
Cranella Blend of sweet vanilla with cranberries Food & Drink
Crème Brulee Aroma of sweet buttery dessert with hint of coffee and suger Food & Drink
Cucumber Fresh green scent of cucumber Food & Drink
Cut Grass freshly cut grass Special
Cypress Woody fresh clean smell of the cypress tree  Flora & Fauna
Daffodil Freshly cut daffodils in Spring Flora & Fauna
Dahlia Light floral dahlia flower Flora & Fauna
Daisy Fresh sweet smell of daisies Flora & Fauna
Dandelion & Burdock Dandelion and burdock leaf  Flora & Fauna
Devon Violets Violet flowers Flora & Fauna
Dewberry Dewberry berries Flora & Fauna
Dill Green pungent herb scent of dill Flora & Fauna
Dogwood Floral fragrance of the the wild dog-rose bush Flora & Fauna
Dragons Blood Rich blend of cherries, and plumbs Special
Dream Special blend rich heavy musk, fruity scent Special
Dried Flowers Pot-pourri similar scent Flora & Fauna
Earl Grey Earl grey tea with its rich citrus black tea leave scent Food & Drink
Eastern Promise Eastern musk with mix of fruity and spices Special
Elderflower Flowers of the elderflower tree Flora & Fauna
Eucaplyptus Scent of freshly cut eucalyptus leaves idea for stuffy nose Flora & Fauna
Evening Primrose Primrose flowers Flora & Fauna
Fig Sweet sticky smell of fresh figs Food & Drink
Forest Fruits Mixed fruits of the forest, strawberries, juniper, blackberries Food & Drink
Forest Walk Fresh pine, with that just after the rain earthy smell  Special
Fox Glove Medium floral scent of foxgloves Flora & Fauna
Frankincense Strong warm sweet resin incense  Special
Frankincense & Myrrh

Mix of the two scents




Scent of the botanical flower Plumeria, once used to scent gloves in Italy

Light floral freesia flowers

Flora & Fauna
French Riveria Scent of water, with hint of bread, lemons and lime Special
Gardenia Strong floral scent of gardenia flowers Flora & Fauna
Geranium Geraniums Flora & Fauna
Ginger Fresh ground ginger root Food & Drink
Gingerbread Spicy aroma of freshly baked gingerbread Food & Drink
Grapefruit Fresh tart citrus scent of grapefruit Food & Drink
Greek God Olives with green leaves, tomatoes and herbs Special
Green Tea Fresh clean green scent Food & Drink
Hawthorne Woody scent with a hint of floral Hawthorne flower Flora & Fauna
Hazlenuts Toasted hazelnuts Food & Drink
Heather Summery smell of heather Flora & Fauna
Heather Hills Heather with a woody under toe Flora & Fauna
Hibiscus sweet tropical scent Flora & Fauna
Hollyberry fresh scent of holly branches freshly cut, greenery smell Special
Home Sweet Home Cinnamon, cloves, rose and ylang ylang lovely smell of farmhouse kitchen Special
Honey Honey Food & Drink
Honeydew Melon Sweet honeydew melon Food & Drink
Honeysuckle Heady scent of honeysuckle vines Flora & Fauna
Honeysuckle Arch Honeysuckle flowers with green hint Flora & Fauna
Hyacinth Hyacinth flowers Flora & Fauna
Hydrangea Hydrangea flowers Flora & Fauna
Hyssop Spicy woody camphor like scent Flora & Fauna
Impatient Impatient flowers Flora & Fauna
Indian Summer Softwood musky smell with fruit and herb undertones Special
Indian Wood Heady scent of Indian spices with a floral mix Special
Indigo Musky heavy scent Special
Iris Iris flowers Flora & Fauna
Irish Cream Scent of coffee cream liqueur  Food & Drink
Jack Frost Pine wood scent with hint of peppermint Special
Japanese Magnolia Magnolia flower Flora & Fauna
Jasmine Jasmine flowers Flora & Fauna
Jazzy Mix of citrus scent with orange Special
Juniper Juniper berries Food & Drink
Key Lime Pie Buttery pastry with lime and lemon scent Food & Drink
Kumquat tart citrus kumquat fruit Food & Drink
Lavender Fresh lavender bunches  Flora & Fauna
Lavender & Lemongrass Lavender with a sweet lemon undertone Special
Lavender Breeze Lavender with dried grass , fresh green smell Special
Leather New leather saddles Special
Lemon Freshly squeezed lemons Food & Drink
Lemon & Lime Lemon and Limes  Food & Drink
Lemon Drop Lemons & sugar Food & Drink
Lemon Meringue Pie Fresh crusty lemon meringue pie Food & Drink
Lemon Mist Lemons with a lighter scent Special
Lemon Verbena Lemons with mix of herbs Special
Lemongrass Lemon grass less citrus that actual lemons more herbal  Flora & Fauna
Licorice Aniseed scent of licorice bark Flora & Fauna
Lilac Lilac Flowers in summer Flora & Fauna
Lilac Tree Lilac Flowers in summer with green under toe Flora & Fauna
Lilly of the Valley Light sweet floral scent  Flora & Fauna
Lily Heavy scent of lily flowers Flora & Fauna
Lime Freshly squeezed limes Food & Drink
Lime Juice Limes with a sweet scent Food & Drink
Living Space Light freshly washed cotton scent with a hint of Jasmine Special
Lotus Blossom Heavenly scent of lotus flower in summer orchards Flora & Fauna
Macintosh Apple Apples red macs Food & Drink
Magnolia Magnolia flowers Flora & Fauna
Mango Mango fruit Food & Drink
Mango & Papaya Blend of the two fruits Food & Drink
Maple Sugar Maple syrup  Food & Drink
Margarita refreshing cool smell of the drink  Food & Drink
Marigold marigold flowers Flora & Fauna
Marshamallow Toasted marshmallows Food & Drink
Marzipan Almond sweet  Food & Drink
Melon melons Food & Drink
Midnight Rose Floral rose flower Flora & Fauna
Midsummer Night Floral and herbal mix with woody green notes Special
Mint Fresh mint Food & Drink
Mistletoe & Fig  Christmas aroma of evergreen branches, mixed with a hint of sweet fig  Special
Moonbeam Hint of mint with jasmine flower and moss Special

Morning Glory

Strong green spicy floral scent

Flora & Fauna

Moss Green damp smell of moss Flora & Fauna
Mountain Lodge  Log fires, Cedar wood and sage scented aroma  Special
Mown Hay Warm smell of dried cut hay Special
Mulberry mulberry bush Flora & Fauna
Mulled Cider apples, with cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, orange and cider Food & Drink
Mulled Spice Heavy mix of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, orange peel. Special
Mulled Wine Rich red wine with cinnamon, cloves, oranges Food & Drink
Musk heavy perfume scent Special
Myrrh spicy blend woody earthy scent Special
Nag Champa incense from India Special
Neroli sweet orange scent Flora & Fauna
New Car Smell of a new car inside Special
Noel Crisp light peppermint with pine woods, and hint of juniper  Special
Nutmeg Ground nutmeg, nutty sweet Food & Drink
Oatmeal Cookies Oats smell with hit of honey and cinnamon Food & Drink
Obessions Man male aftershave Special
Obessions Women female perfume Special
Orange  Freshly Squeezed oranges Food & Drink
Orange Blossom Delicate floral scent of orange trees in blossom Flora & Fauna
Orange Grove Oranges with a hint of orange blossom Flora & Fauna
Orchid Orchid flowers Flora & Fauna
Oregano Herbal scent Flora & Fauna
Oriental  Mix of lotus blossom with ginger, lime and light spice Special
Pansy Light floral pansy flowers Flora & Fauna
Parisienne Heady scent of French flowers Special
Passion Flower Scent of mixed flower with citrus Special
Patchouli strong earthy musky scent  Special
Peach Cobbler Fresh peaches with brown sugar, lemon and fresh baked pie Food & Drink
Peaches Fresh peaches Food & Drink
Peaches & Cream Peaches and vanilla cream Food & Drink
Peanut Butter Roasted peanuts with butter Food & Drink
Pear Fresh pears Food & Drink
Pecan Pie Pecan nuts with toffee and pastry Food & Drink
Peony Peony rose flowers Flora & Fauna
Peony & Tulip Tulip and peony rose flowers Flora & Fauna
Peppercorn Ground pepper Food & Drink
Peppermint Fresh minty sweet smell  Food & Drink
Petunia Petunia flowers Flora & Fauna
Pine Pine trees Flora & Fauna
Pineapple pineapple fruit Food & Drink
Pipe & Slippers Tobacco smell with hint of leather and patchouli Special
Plum Plums Food & Drink
Plum Pudding Rich aroma of baked plum pudding Food & Drink
Plumeria Lei flower of Hawaii, floral scent Flora & Fauna
Pomegranate Crushed pomegranate seeds Food & Drink
Pond Life Blend of seaweed with algae, moss fresh green scent Special
Popcorn  Buttery smell of fresh popcorn Food & Drink
Poppy Fields Poppy flowers Flora & Fauna
Potpourrie Heady sent of a bowl of traditional pot-pourri Special
Primrose Primrose flowers Flora & Fauna
Pumpkin Pie Pumpkin pie Food & Drink
Pure Gold Amber, mixed with vanilla and spice Special
Rainy Day Moist fresh smell of summer rain lovely clean smell Special
Raspberry Crushed Raspberry's Food & Drink
Red Currant Crushed redcurrants Food & Drink
Rose Fresh cut roses Flora & Fauna
Rose Garden Mixed Rose flowers Flora & Fauna
Rose Musk Musky with rose  Special
Rosemary Herbal scent Flora & Fauna
Sage Herbal scent Flora & Fauna
Sandalwood Indian fragrance of the sandalwood tree Special
Sandalwood & Vanilla  Warm exotic scent of sandalwood bark, with sweet vanilla to soften the aroma  Special
Scent of  a Man Obsession with a hint of musk blend Special
Scent of a woman Obsession with special blend Special
Sea Air Sea air , with seaweed Special
Sea Breeze fresh sea air Special
Seaweed & Algae Deep green earthy scent Special
Secret Garden Floral mix Flora & Fauna
Seduction Sensual warm scent of exotic flora's Special
Sex on The Beach Orange, Peach Cranberry with cream Special
Sherbet Lemon Lemon with a fizzy sharp undertone Special
Sleigh Bells Mixed winter berries with a hint of vanilla Special
Snapdragon Light floral with hit of greenery Flora & Fauna
Snow Berry Balsam pine trees with sweet winter juniper and forest berry Special
Snow Storm Spearmint mixed with pine and mint Special
Spearmint Herbal Spearmint Flora & Fauna
Spiced Pear Stewed Pears with cinnamon, honey and cloves Food & Drink
Spiced Orange  Blend of tangerine and oranges with ginger undertones  Food & Drink
Spring Bouquet Mixed flower Flora & Fauna
Spring Rain Smell of fresh fallen rain with hint of spring flowers Special
Starry Night Crisp mint with evening flower scent blend Special
Strawberries Crushed strawberries fresh Food & Drink
Strawberry & Cream Strawberries and cream Food & Drink
Strawberry & Kiwi Fruit Strawberries and kiwi fruit Food & Drink
Strawberry Cheesecake Strawberries, with fresh cream and biscuit Food & Drink
Strawberry Shortcake Strawberries, with vanilla biscuit  Food & Drink
Sugar Plum Plums and sugar a bit like plum pie Food & Drink
Sunflowers Sunflowers Flora & Fauna
Sweet Lavender Lavender with a sweet undertone Special
Sweet Pea Sweet pea flowers Flora & Fauna
Tangerine Sweet tangerines Food & Drink
Tea Tree warm spicy aroma resin of the tea tree bark Flora & Fauna
Thyme Herbal Flora & Fauna
Tiger Flower Sensual tiger flowers Flora & Fauna
Tobacco Woody rich scent of sweet tobacco from a pipe Flora & Fauna
Tuberose flowers  Flora & Fauna
Tulip Fresh cut tulips Flora & Fauna
Vanilla Sweet vanilla pod Food & Drink
Verbena Sweet like lemon grass scent with hint of green herb Special
Vervain floral light scent Special
Vetivert Heavy earth woody scent Flora & Fauna
Violets Violet flowers Flora & Fauna
Walled Garden Mixed wall flower with hint of green Flora & Fauna
Wallflower wallflowers floral scent Flora & Fauna
Walnut Toasted Walnuts Food & Drink
Waterfall Cool fresh smell of greenery Special
Watermelon rich red aroma of watermelon Food & Drink
Welcome Home Warm country house scent of baking, leather, dried fruit blend Special
Winter Wonderland  Crisp fresh scent of pine trees and frosty mint  Special
Wintergreen Mix of holly, pine needles,juniper  Special
Woodland Walk Patchouli, autumn leaves, earthy green scent Special
Ylang Ylang Fresh floral from the flower Flora & Fauna
Ysentis Perfume with a sensual scent Special