Oil Burners

Oil Burners can be used with, fragrance or essential oil, wax tarts, simmering granules, and left over scented candle fragments

Fragrance oil


Fill upper reservoir with water first, to about half way (not to brim)  add a few drops of your choice of fragrance oil/s. Light tea candle in lower chamber for long lasting gentle diffusion of aroma.


Simmering Granules


Add 1 or more teaspoons of granules in upper reservoir, do not add water. Light tea candle in lower chamber for long lasting scent.


Wax Tarts (or fragments of scented candle)


Place whole tart, or bits of broken scented candle in reservoir chamber, do not add water, Light tea candle in lower chamber for gentle aroma.


Cleaning your oil burner: -  When cool wipe dish with damp cloth and mild degreaser such as washing up liquid, finish with dry kitchen roll or similar. 


WARNING:  Only use a T light candle with an oil burner, any other kind of candle will be too hot and or to close to the oil chamber which may result in the oil burner cracking or the oil itself catching fire.






Recipes To Try

Autumn                                         Summer                      Spring                        Winter
3 drops Cedar wood                          3 drops Lemon              3 drops Melissa         3 drops cinnamon
3 drops Petitgrain                            3 drops Bergamot       3 drops Grapefruit     4 drops orange
3 drops Sandalwood                        3 drops Pine                                                   or        
3 drops Lavender                                                                                                3 drops clove 



2 drops Ylang Ylang

2 drops Vetiver

1 drop Rose

1 drop sandalwood