Dinner Candle

This range of holders are suitable mostly for dinner candles only. Note holders with  tulip fittings are adjustable to give a tight fit. 

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Single Bottle Holder

Product Code 2131
Simple stopper type candle holder for wine bottles or similar ( wine bottle & candle not included). Black with flexible/adjustable candle grip. Sold Singly. * .  Candle holders available with or without saucers screws into the cork which is not included

Wine bottle Holder dinner

Product code 366

 4 candle holder version available, see more images for picture. * Note we only have the 4 way holder left in our clearance line



College Holder

Product Code 601
Tulip dinner candle holder. 7 inches high (18 cm).  *

Double Scroll

Product Code 603
Double tulip candle holder for dinner candles.  6.25 inches tall. (16cm). Available in black,gold,green,red,rust,verdigris, or white. For dinner, stick candles etc. Candles not included. *

Almada Holder

Product Code 604

Four tulip candle holder suitable for dinner candles. 8 inches tall (20cm). Available in black only.*

Triple J

Product Code 605

J shaped tulip candle holder suitable for dinner candles.  Tulip shaped holders are slightly flexible to allow ease of candle fitting.  8.25 inches at tallest point (21.5 cm). Available in black only.*

Single J Holder

Product Code 606
J shaped double tulip dinner candle stand. 9.25 inches tall (25 cm). Available in rust or black.*

Double S

Product code 608
Double tulip s shaped dinner candle holder. Tulip holders are adjustable. 8.25 inches long (21 cm). Available in black only.*

Triple S Shape

Product Code 609

Triple s shaped dinner candle holder with 3 tulip type holders.  8.25 inches long (21 cm). Available in black only.*


Tripod Stand

Product Code 612
Three tier stand with tulip candle holders. 8 inches tall (20 cm). Available in black only.   3 Left ex hire stands used once may need cleaning but otherwise in good condition.  British steel made. Will hold pillar candles.  *

Twisted Candlestick

Product Code 630
8.75 Inch (22 cm)  tall twisted stick tulip type top candle holder. Available in Black or White.*

S Stick

Product Code 631
Straight candlestick with simple scroll stem. 8 inches tall (20.5 cm).  Available in Black,Green,Red, and White. British Made. *

Cellar Candlestick

Product Code 1558
Cellar Candlestick. traditional looking heavy robust dinner candle stick. Takes 22 mm diameter standard candles, Adjustable candle can be wound higher as it burns down. 18 cm tall. Black

Tripod Candlestick

Product Code 632
Tripod candlestick with tulip type top.  8.25 inches (21 cm) tall.  Available in Black,Green,Rust, or White. British Made. *

Ambiance Triple Tulip

Product Code 1549

Ambiance triple tulip candle holder 25 cm (10" tall).  For dinner/stick candles etc.  Black only. British Made.*

Normally price £10.95 we have 3 left shop soiled £2.50 each

Single Spiral Cutie

Product Code 1557
Single spiral dinner candle stick holder. 9 cm tall, base 9.5 cm diameter. For colours see drop down box. Robust and stable*

Small Spring Holder

Product Code 1550
Attractive dumpy robust holder with tulip fitting for dinner, stick candles etc. 11.5cm tall. Black only. British Made. *

Single Spiral Tulip

Product Code 1551
Single spiral tulip candle stick.  Available in 3 colours. 9 cm tall. with tulip fitting. British Made. *

Single Ring tulip

Product Code 1552
Ring Candlestick. 9.5 cm diameter base, black only,   A shade is available for this product as well. see more images, and drop down box for prices. British Made*

Moon Standard Holder

Product Code 611

Candle holder with tulip type fitting for small votive or dinner candles etc.  Colour Black only.  20 cm long (8"). British Made.*


We have 2 left in to clear stock only £1.50 each normally £5.95 each

Moon Large Holder

Product Code 1553
Large moon candle holder 25.5 cm tall. Shades available for this product.  Stand in black only. With tulip fitting for dinner/stick candles etc. British Made.*

Fleur Column Stand

Product Code 1554
Column candlestick with fleur-de-lys design.  20 cm tall for dinner candles. Black only.  British made.*

Ivy Leaf Column

Product Code 1555
Ivy Leaf design column stand. 20 cm tall. Available in two colours black or green-copper.  For dinner candles.*

Simple Taper Column

Product Code 1559
Column taper candlestick for dinner candles etc. 40 cm tall.  British made steel. Black only*

Triple Spiral Column Stand

Product Code 1556
Triple Spiral column stand. 20 cm tall for dinner candles, for colours see drop down box*

5 Twist Candelabrum

Product code 316

High quality five light twisted candelabrum in 3 colours.  18.5" (47 cm) tall. British made.*

Colours available black, gold, silver.

Not all colours are ex stock, allow 7 days for delivery

Five light candelabrum

Product Code 607
Five armed candelabra with tulip type dinner candle holders. 12 inches tall at tallest point (30.5 cm). Available in black only.*


Product Code 610
Triple candelabrum with scroll effect design, tulip type dinner candle holders. 9.5 inches tall at tallest point (24 cm). *

Five Light Candelabrum

Product Code 626
Five light candelabra.  Gothic style as shown, very high quality for dinner candles. 12 inches (30.5 cm) tall.  Available in black only.*

Unity Heart Holder

Product Code 1532
Unity Holder with heart centre, ideal for weddings or anniversary's.  16.5 cm tall 35 cm wide, 11.5 cm diameter centre saucer.  Available in 5 colours.  (candles not included).  Will hold two dinner/stick candles, and one centre pillar candle.  (for printed candles see our customized section)

Saucer Candle Holder

Product Code 1538
Saucer tulip candle holder for dinner or stick candles.  Overall 8 cm diameter. Available in black or white, old fashioned winkie holder as they were without handles.*

Single Candle holder

Product Code 1537
Single tulip candle holder for dinner or stick candles, overall 8 cm diameter. Available in 4 colours*