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Postal Address

Northern Lights t/a Gillen Candles
PA35 1HH 
PLEASE EMAIL us with your query where possible.
Telephone:  07376235608  message service only.    
We also have available live chat window at the top of home page click LIVE CHAT.  type in a name (email not required) proceed with your question/s

Sales Lines are open    Monday - Friday 10.00 am - 4.00 pm
Please note to keep costs of  our goods down to you our telephone lines have limited staff and are often busy.  
Email  - Our staff  are on-line 7 days a week during normal office hours to answer any sales queries, stock queries etc.  We also have home workers answering emails during peak seasons and out with office hours 5.00 pm - 9.00 pm.

Email turn around in most cases within 30 minutes - 1 hour during office hours,  4 -  8 hours out with office hours. 

Please note we require all orders in writing by email, via website or post and cannot accept telephone orders alone in case of errors.

Contact in writing only by email or post
Customer Services unfortunately do not take incoming phone calls which in turn speeds up this service.
You can email  or write to customer services and or leave a telephone message on their answer service.
When making your enquiry by whichever method you choose please  always give your full name, post code, and any order number  and or invoice/receipt number found on your order confirmation/sales receipt and or invoice.  Any message which does not have all the relevant information  may hinder our ability to respond to your query.
Customer services deal with any issues relating to an order already placed, missing orders, faulty orders, general queries about orders already placed,  incorrect orders, re-ordering  a  repeat colour or customized candle, delivery problems,account queries etc.
Email turn around in most cases within 1 hour week days during office hours.. 4 -6 hours out with office hours.
 Our phones are often busy and as an internet company we have limited resources on the phone.  However to compensate, we have homeworkers and staff on email Monday to Sunday from 7.00 am - 7.00 pm.   E.mail turnaround within 1 to 6 hours out of office hours.
  Customer Services do not take incoming phone calls which in turn makes a faster and more efficient service for you the customer.  If you do wish to leave a telephone message or email message for customer services make sure you leave all your details including order/invoice number, name and address you used when making your order otherwise you may not be able to be contacted.    Customer services will respond to your message by email.  
Our customer service department is based on a self help system.   Most of the information you may need is available on our website and or in your "after sales pack" .  Our self help system helps keep our product costs down by allowing your query to be dealt with by send in most cases an appropriate leaflet which covers your query. 
 We regret that customer services can not phone customers individually for the reasons as stated above.   We pride ourselves in having available 99.9% of all information required by our customers available either on the website or in "after sales" pack.
If you wish any of the information posted please just ask.
Email us at any time for further information
Also see information section.